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Thread: two complete systems for sale

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    two complete systems for sale

    I would like to sell two small systems. My 16 gallon used NUVO system which includes the original filtration, the bio reactor and the skimmer from Innovation marine as well as there small light. Which i find to be too small to grow much. "I was using a much larger Radion over this tank when i was growing SPS in it". It also requires an ATO of some sort to really be successful since its so small. Even adding a half cup of RODI twice a day applies a significant swing to salinity and makes this small set up more challenging to be successful. I was able to grow any coral I wished in this setup but i was very diligent in my maintenance. Comes with a stand, no original glass lid though it just fogs up. most folks make a DIY fish guard. This makes a good small reef since it has included filtration in the tank. everything 250$

    The second set up is a 40 breeder tank on a black painted stand with enclosed matching hood, complete with custom 20 gallon sump, glass holes silent over flow box, Reef octopus 1000 int skimmer with bubble blaster pump, mag 7 return pump, basic 2 part doser setup, built in fuge compartment w/light and basic apex controller running a DIY led and I have a great three part marco rock structure in it as well. Right now I use it as a quarantine. Its fully capable. But I have not seen great performance from the led light setup with respect to coralline growth. But i do not dose or water change this setup as its only a quarantine set up for me. Fans in the hood and completely covered. Pretty nice set up. Great starter reef as well. Ready to go w everything 450$

    Pm me any offers or questions. prices negotiable, willing to sell apex system separately 190$, I also have literally a half ton of MARCO rock to sell in dry and live form. if you need rock come pick your own pieces at great prices.

    Located a few minutes east of orlando international airport, lake nona area.
    Four individual systems Right now.
    Modified Red sea 250 with attached 20 gal frag system XR15 pro light on FRAG tank, combo t5 reef bright led on main tank, now @100 gal total mostly sps tank, auto WC, Custom life reef filtration system Fuge and skimmer. KALK ATO chiller mp10's.
    30gal red sea 130d lps/softies/anemone tank, kalk ato, reef bright led strip.
    40 quarantine set up.
    500 total gallon marineland 300 DD main system 18 months old now and stabilized. T5 VHO lights/ BLUE led strip, Fully custom built LIFE REEF sump and FUGE, AWESOME 60" tall skimmer, and 1000+ gallon rated custom Ca reactor, attached SPS frag system and LPS frag system.
    I am expanding into this one ATM bit by bit,

    Still lots to learn about the hobby but I have amassed a great collection of real beauties and a FRAG saw will be in my future I think. I have broken past the stage of keeping things alive and now there actually growing out. Which is a big hurdle for many beginners I must admit. Good information and advise is hard to get sometimes and the club has done wonders with respect to quality advise and help in the hobby.

    THANKS Orlando Reef Educators Organization!!!!

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    Do you have any pics of the nano?

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