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    Hi tank reefers:

    I'm new in the hobby. Making mistakes and trying to learn from them. I have my RS 34 g running for 4 months with CUC, hawkfish, a few zoas and a hammer coral. The water parameters are good and corals doing great. I have a quarantine tank with a pair of ocelaris clownfish. The problem I have now my hawkfish is very aggressive. I like his personality but I want to add in another week the clownfish. Why I should do? I will appreciate any input. Thanks

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    Welcome to ORCA !!!

    Have they ever been together ?
    What kind of hawkfish is that one ? and how big is it ? if the clowns are small enough it will eat it.
    You should add the new clowns at night when the lights are off.

    If it is too mean, you can put pictures of even bigger and meaner fishes attached to the glass and that will help, at least it helped with my tangs when I introduced a small scopas tang.
    Good Luck,
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    Welcome, I have heard of folks making a picture of the aggressive fish or several and sticking them to the outside of the tank will keep them at bay long enough to let new additions settle in.

    you will probably be ok with clowns though.. there pretty tuff. Definitely do it at night lights off and after you have fed the hawk fish for the day night when everyone is pretty much when everyone is hiding and chill.

    I have one of these set up as a lps tank and can tell you what i have done to it to make it work good for me if i see you at a meeting or something.. or you can pm me and i can try n go over my mods that way.
    Four individual systems Right now.
    Modified Red sea 250 with attached 20 gal frag system XR15 pro light on FRAG tank, combo t5 reef bright led on main tank, now @100 gal total mostly sps tank, auto WC, Custom life reef filtration system Fuge and skimmer. KALK ATO chiller mp10's.
    30gal red sea 130d lps/softies/anemone tank, kalk ato, reef bright led strip.
    40 quarantine set up.
    500 total gallon marineland 300 DD main system 18 months old now and stabilized. T5 VHO lights/ BLUE led strip, Fully custom built LIFE REEF sump and FUGE, AWESOME 60" tall skimmer, and 1000+ gallon rated custom Ca reactor, attached SPS frag system and LPS frag system.
    I am expanding into this one ATM bit by bit,

    Still lots to learn about the hobby but I have amassed a great collection of real beauties and a FRAG saw will be in my future I think. I have broken past the stage of keeping things alive and now there actually growing out. Which is a big hurdle for many beginners I must admit. Good information and advise is hard to get sometimes and the club has done wonders with respect to quality advise and help in the hobby.

    THANKS Orlando Reef Educators Organization!!!!

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    Hello - I am also new to the site and looking to join in the near future. I also am interested in the meeting and such. New and old to the hobby. Had a tank way in the past when things were not so advanced. . I'm already looking at a new tank, too addictive. Does anyone know where the best place to sell my barley used LifeReef Sump/refugium / canister set-up?


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